AUDIO: The Day the T Saved a Bunny (And a Little Girl's Heart)

It looked like curtains for Nummy, 3-year-old Roozle's stuffed bunny, when it fell between the platform and the train, right onto the tracks.

Mostly, when people talk about the MBTA, it's to complain. But JP's Casey Carey-Brown has a story that might warm the heart of the most hard-bitten T rider.

Each day before school, Roozle chooses a friend to go to school with her. Lately, she has been choosing Nummy, her very first stuffed animal bunny. Nummy is the first stuffed animal she ever had sleep in her crib with her. The first toy she named. A very good friend. Today, Nummy had a great day at school and just before the train arrived to pick us up at , Roozle told us that Nummy was a little scared of the train and she needed to tell her it was okay, trains aren’t scary.

You can guess where this is going. Nummy had a date with destiny with the tracks of the Orange Line.

Find out how T workers saved the day by reading the full story at Carey-Brown's blog, Life With Roozle.

UPDATE: Thanks to the T, which sent behind-the-scenes audio of the rescue. It's attached to this post as a video file.


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