Poll: Do You Obey Cell Phone Laws While Driving?

The Massachusetts Legislature's Joint Transportation Committee is in full support of a bill that would ban talking on a hand-held cell phones while driving, but do you support their stance?

Holding a phone up to your ear while steering your car with one hand would be illegal behavior if this new bill passes, according to a story on Boston.com.  

The article quotes Senator Mark C. Montigny of New Bedford, the Senate sponsor, on the subject of drivers who might object to putting down their hand-held cell phones while driving, “If that’s an inconvenience for people, tough,” Montigny said. “The inconvenience of the death and destruction on the road far outweighs any very minor inconvenience.”

Boston.com also mentions that, "a hand-held ban has twice reached the House floor and passed with broad support. The Senate has been divided, voting 18-16 to reject the idea in 2010."

In December, Patch asking readers if ALL cell phone use--including hands-free headsets--by drivers should be banned, and, out of 50 votes, 36 people (70% of respondents) said that even hands-free headsets were "a distraction and a danger to everyone on the road," while 14 people (28%) did not support the ban on hands-free headsets.  

This time we've got a more personal angle.  2010's Safe Driving Act -- the act that banned texting for all drivers in Massachusetts -- has now been in force for over a year, and we're wondering if it's changed the way you've acted behind the wheel.  Are regulations on cell phone use while driving actually reducing dangerous uses, or are they just resulting in large groups of people who flout the law?  Vote in our poll and help us figure this out.  And remember, your vote is anonymous and untrackable, so admitting your motorized misconduct here won't land you in the Big House.  

Editorial note: this article and the comments section are shared with the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Charlestown and South End Patch.com sites. 


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