Have Any Vintage Photos Of Beacon Hill Or The Common? Share Them Here!

A shot of folks skiing on the common got us thinking. How many old photos of the park are out there?

A Boston Globe photo gallery of vintage skiing shots included a picture of a man, Richard Hardauas, pulling his son Travis up a hill while they were skiing on Boston Common in 1974, and a quick search of Boston Public Library resources pulled up this entire Flickr gallery of photos of the common from about 1860-1910. 

The photos stop there, however, which is where you come in

Show us you as a child, family photos, scenic shots, or collector's plates.  If it happened in or near the Common or Boston Public Garden some time "back in the day," we want to see it.  Click the green button to submit images, and, if you don't have a photo, feel free to share a story in the comments section of what visiting the Common was like in your younger days.  This is your chance to reminisce about the heart of the Hub with your neighbors!


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