Celebrate Spring on a Turkish Love Seat

Love is in the Air at Upstairs Downstairs!

Turkish Love Seat-$975; 1913 British Oil on Wood-$300; 19th Century Mexican Oil on Canvas-$2400.

Spring has arrived and new owner Laura Cousineau is celebrating by rearranging her store (with help from the original owner).

The floral bouquet we put together has three main components, the larges and most substantial of which is a Turkish love seat which could brighten up the darkest of living spaces.

"It's been reupholstered, refurbished and restored," said Cousineau, who doubles as a furniture restoration expert and interior designer."I get a lot of things from estate sales and auctions, but this I chose out of some consignment items that were brought in, s0 - to my knowledge it's from a home in Boston. The original piece dates back to the 1870's."

To compliment the love seat, Cousineau presented two floral paintings, both of which come from a European art collector/dealer that is renting wall space in the store (she will be rotating art from different collectors in shifts). The first, hanging directly above the love seat, is called "Rose's Bouquet," and is signed Christophersen. It's oil on wood, framed in gold leaf and dated 1913. It has been very carefully restored.

The larger painting has a decidedly more rustic feel and dates to the nineteenth century, simply titled "Still Life with Flowers." This is painted in the classic 'mexican school,' oil on canvas in a wooden frame.


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