Boston Residents' Favorite Books

Need a new read? Check out our Twitter friends' list of favorites.

The winter weather seems to be sticking around a bit longer than usual, but don’t fret. Instead, enjoy the last few weeks of winter curled up with a good book and your (hopefully) last cup of hot cocoa.

Our Twitter friends sent us a few of their favorite books, from childhood favorites to adult classics. See if you share any favorites with them:

Someone who knows a thing or two about books, Twitter user @BostonBookFest, “Just finished Cleopatra & Emperor of All Maladies (both awesome). Loved Super Sad True Love Story & Goon Squad 2!”

1. Emperor of All Maladies takes readers through a journey to understanding cancer and blends medicine with mystery. Author Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee told the New York Times that the book is “an attempt to enter the mind of this immortal illness, to understand its personality, to demystify its behavior.”

2. Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart rings just a bit more true than it should. The book takes a look at the "near future" where books are obsolete and people spend their days shopping and watching videos on their "apparats." The novel takes you through (you guessed it) two super sad love stories. Perfect for those looking for a dark comedy. 

Our other Twitter friends took the chance to share their more lighthearted childhood favorites, including user SilasDunham: best book of all time is a tie between Lord of the Rings, or Where The Wild Things Are. You can decide.”

3. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is surely a classic, and now readers can not only share the book with their children, but also the film version.

For those looking for a good thriller (with Boston connections, no less), Twitter user Driley32 suggests “Carrie by Stephen King... must read...”

4. The Red Sox loving horror author Stephen King’s first book Carrie takes readers through the journey of a girl possessed. As one of the most frequently banned books in America, Carrie is perfect for a stormy winter night in Boston.

TFlatley shares his favorite on Twitter saying, “I could tweet forever. I’ll start with Jeffery Eugenides’ "Middlesex,” best book I’ve read in years.

5. Middlesex follows the self discovery of Cal Stephanides, an intersexed man of Greek decent and his struggles with gender identity and family. If you don’t get to this book by the end of winter, make sure to add it to your spring or summer reading list.

Twitter user KidCully wanted everyone to share her favorite Eloise with their children.

6. Eloise by Kay Thompson follows the adventures of Eloise, who lives on the “tippy top floor” of the plaza hotel with her nanny, her turtle Skipperdee and Weenie her pug. Look for the film version coming soon. 

No matter what you read, keep reading, and stay tuned to Bostonbookfest.org for information on the 2011 festival, where readers of all ages can pick up a book to add to their list of favorites.


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