UPDATE: No Injuries After Fumes Reported at Joy Street Nursery School

A chemical smell leaked into a NSTAR manhole. Initial reports of a gas leak appear to be inaccurate.

UPDATE, 3:35 p.m.: 

There were no injuries at the Beacon Hill Nursery School today after fumes caused schoolchildren, staff and other people at 74 Joy St. to evacuate. 

"Everyone is fine," Lucinda Ross, executive director of the school told Patch. The evacuation to Suffolk University's gym was smooth and orderly and the children were playing happily shortly afterward, she said. 

"I'm so proud of my staff. They just handled this like pros and there were no tears," Ross said. All the children are home now, she added. 

Since the nursery school is right next to the Cambridge Street fire station, the kids are "pretty savvy when it comes to hearing sirens and knowing not to panic," Ross said. 

No gas leak

Scanner reports indictated that the building had a possible gas leak but this appears to be inaccurate. 

No one yet knows for sure what happened but the initial thought is that a material that maybe have been gasoline or some similar solvent was got onto a manhole cover and the smell leaked into the lines NSTAR uses, bringing fumes into the school. 

NSTAR, National Grid and Hazmat is out there now, Ross told Patch..

Initial report:

Police received a call at about 1:34 p.m. for potential gas leak into the Beacon Hill Nursery school at 74 Joy St. Scanner reports indicate the building was evacuated. 

The building also houses the Beacon Hill Civic Association. 

Please note that scanner information can be incomplete or wrong. Patch will update this story as soon as we can with confirmed information from Boston Police or Fire. 


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