Forecasters Unsure Whether Boston Will See Rain or Snow Saturday

The city lies right on the rain/snow line, meaning a degree or two of temperature change in either direction will determine what kind of storm we get.

Saturday's storm is proving to be a tricky one for area forecasters to get a hold on. 

Although it's not supposed to dump anywhere near the levels of precipitation Nemo did two weeks ago, it could drop significant rain or snow depending on where and when temperatures cross the freezing point.

At the moment, Boston lies right on the projected rain/snow line, meaning we could get less than an inch of snow or several inches. As of late morning Friday, the National Weather Service was predicting an inch or less of wet snow in Boston, but maps issued by the service put Boston in an area that could get a few inches. 

Forecasters seem to agree that in either case, the wintry precipitation will start falling late Saturday afternoon and through the night. 

If it does snow, it's likely to be a heavy wet snow, the type that can take down tree limbs and power lines. But what we're in for hinges on a difference of a degree or two in temperature, making any forecast anyone's guess.

In any case, the city is getting ready, Mayor Thomas Menino said Friday. 

"Boston will be ready for its third consecutive weekend storm,” Menino said in a statement Friday morning. “We will be out treating the roads before the snow, and our plows are ready to hit the streets this weekend. As usual, I'm asking residents to use common sense, and stay off the roads while snowfall is heaviest tomorrow.” 

The city said in a statement that Parks Department crews will be out trimming trees in advance of the storm, and Boston Public Works crews will be pre-treating roads and readying snow removal equipment across the city’s district yards.

Residents with weather-related questions or concerns should call the Mayor’s 24-Hour Hotline at 617-635-4500, or tweet to @NotifyBoston. 


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