Pets of the Week Find Homes

Two of the four Pets of the Week in March were adopted.

Every week Patch features a pet up for adoption at the Animal Rescue League. In March, two of the four pets, Lucy and Sasho, found homes. Read about their new lives.


The 7 year old boxer, who was featured on Patch March 12, was a staff favorite at the Animal Rescue League of Boston had been patiently waiting for her new home after 3 months in the shelter. A family from England came in looking for a small dog and when they saw Lucy sitting behind the adoption desk snuggling with the staff members their hearts melted. As Lucy sat there receiving many pets from the 9-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy of the family, she knew this was her soon to be family. Lucy now lives in the Back Bay and goes for frequent walks around the Common.


The parakeet, who was featured on Patch March 5, went to a forever home in early March with a gentleman and his daughter who was desperately seeking a companion. Being a friendly and social bird, Sasho seemed to be the perfect choice as her new buddy.  Before making the final decision, Sasho perched on the young lady’s shoulder as if to say "take me with you today!" Sasho now happily tweets the day away perched on his favorite resting spot on his owner’s shoulder.


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