Smart and Social Sammi Needs an Active Home

She would do best in a home that can continue training.

Meet Sammi. She is an energetic 1-year-old mix that looks like a pit bull.

She was adopted from the Animal Rescue League and the family just loved her, but sadly she would not leave their elderly cat alone and they had to bring her back. During the time she was with them she continued to work on her good manners and she is a very smart dog.

She would do best in a home that can continue training as she is very active and sometimes will jump and mouth at you if she gets bored. She enjoys being in our playgroup with other big, active dogs. She zooms around the yard and wants to play by picking up sticks and trying to get dogs to chase her!

She loves meeting people. She has attended social events at pet boutiques and even went to a dog event at the .  She is well behaved in these settings.  If you are looking for a young and active dog for your home then please consider Sammi for adoption.  

Help Race to Rescue 1,500 Lives and Win

The Animal Rescue League of Boston, as part of the ASPCA's $100K Save More Lives Challenge, has the ambitious goal of saving the lives of 1,500 cats and dogs Aug. 1- Oct 31.


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