Snow to Hit Beacon Hill by 2 p.m.

Three to five inches of snow could fall between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon.

Our snowless luck may have run out. Beacon Hill could see 3-5 inches of snow starting Wednesday afternoon, according to a winter storm watch issued Tuesday by the National Weather Service (NWS).

With fluctuating temperatures—a Wednesday high of 36 and Thursday high near 39—the snow should also mix in with sleet and freezing rain on Thursday, the NWS said, although colder temperatures could linger longer than currently forecast, resulting in less sleet and freezing rain and more snow.

But we could have up to five inches of snow and sleet before the storm is over. according to the forecast. Wednesday evening's commute should be slippery and drivers will wake up on Thursday to slick roads.

Winds could also gust up to 20 miles per hour as the storm system moves through the area.


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