The Top Stories in February on Beacon Hill Patch

Did you miss one of these Beacon Hill Patch stories last month?

Here are the stories that people on Beacon Hill and beyond looked at the most in February. If you missed one, remember that it's never to late to comment on any article!

1. Five Things: The Snow Emergency and Parking Ban Remain in Effect


3. New 2013 Tax Rates and Standard Deductions: The Internal Revenue Service announced annual inflation adjustments for tax year 2013, including the tax rate schedules, and other tax changes from the recently passed American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. 

4. Boston Remembers the Blizzard of 1978: Share photos and memories on the 35th anniversary of this major winter storm.

5. Boston Snow Emergency Parking on Beacon Hill: Here's a list of the places you can't park on Beacon Hill, and other useful information to have during a snow emergency.

6. Boston Snow Emergency Parking Ban Remains in Effect 

7. Husband Calls Annie Dookhan a ‘Liar’

8. Firefighters: In-Floor Heating System Caused Comm. Ave. Fire: Investigators say that in-floor radiant heating caused the three-alarm fire in a Commonwealth Avenue brownstone that resulted in $5 million of damage but no injuries.

9. Police: Man Who Offered Shelter During Storm Got Laptop Stolen: A Joy Street man encountered a stranger at 7-Eleven on Park Street and felt bad the man had nowhere to stay during the snowstorm, so let the stranger stay with him.

10. Storm Could Drop up to 18 Inches of Snow in Boston


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