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Kevin Edson Charged in Marathon Anniversary Bomb…

Week in Review: A Good Deed Punished

A look back at Beacon Hill Patch's top stories from Feb. 10-16.

Check out our top stories of the week below (just click the link to see the full story):

Police: Man Who Offered Shelter During Storm Got Laptop Stolen

Beacon Hill Has Highest Ratio of Women Living Alone in Boston: If real estate analytics have anything to say about modern love, a lot of women on Beacon Hill and a lot of guys downtown spent Valentine's Day alone.

Should Beacon Hill Residents Get to 'Hold' Their Parking Spots?: Bostonians all know of the tradition in the city that when you shovel out a parking spot, you can "hold" that parking spot with a chair, trash barrel or other object for up to 48 hours after the parking ban ends. 

Has Your Street Not Been Plowed?

Free Parking at Boston Meters on Valentine's Day: Menino said the move is an effort to help businesses "make up for lost time" due to this past weekend's blizzard.  

'Bird Man' of Newbury Street Feeds Sparrows During Blizzard: While Bostonians were dipping into the groceries they stocked up in advance of Fridays blizzard, other Back Bay denizens knew to head to Paul Magla for a bite during the storm. 

: Residents need to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning caused by blocked vents and other hazards.

Boston Police Using a Honda Civic as 'Bait' for Car Thieves: The choice of a 2000 Honda Civic as bait was deliberate, as it's listed as the most stolen car in Massachusetts.

Children's Hospital in Critical Need of Blood: “One bag of blood can help up to four kids. By donating, you are directly impacting the life of a local child.”


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