Woman Charged with Paint Attack Ordered to Undergo Mental Evaluation

DA: Rosemine Occean said she didn't agree with the statue's depiction of history.

The woman who Tuesday was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. 

Rosemine Occean, 38, of Quincy, pleaded innocent in court Wednesday to vandalizing an historic marker and two counts of malicious destruction of property. Judge Mark Hart Summerville ordered her to undergo a 20-day evaluation with bail of $3,000 upon her return to court later this month.

A court psychologist described Occean as having a history of mental health problems and said Occean may have stopped taking antipsychotic and mood-stabilizing medications, according to a Boston Globe report.

According to police, Occean approached the statue, splashed yellow paint on it and sat down as two rangers called 911.

Occean allegedly stated after throwing the paint that the sculpture was an “improper depiction of history," according to Jake Wark, the spokesman for District Attorney Daniel Conley. 

Standing nearby when the monument was attacked was a family of five from Wisconsin. They two iPads and a Kindle reader they had been carrying were damaged by the wave of paint thrown at the monument. The three children, their mother said, were “devastated” by the incident, according to Wark.

The Beacon Hill statue, often called the "Glory Monument," commemorates the African-American 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and its commanding officer, Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. 

Occean is due back in court on Aug. 21. 

Meanwhile, the Friends of the Public Garden began the cleaning up the statue Thursday.


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