" Fighting Back" What we should know about our ploiticians

Massachusetts Citizens " Fight Back !"

In light of the recent events of the Jerry Sanduski trial, I feel
compelled to write the following.

     An open letter to the  Citizens of Massachusetts:  This is
a story of politics, sexual assaults and what we can do to overcome
these problems.

          First of all let it be clear.  I am unbiased towards
either Senatorial candidate in Massachusetts. This is a calling out on
both parties.          The air waves have become a battleground for the negative and conflicting political ads by both sides, which unfortunately most public elections have become in the past 30-40 years, and  seems  the
personal attacks get  worse every election year.

           I was a victim of being drugged and sexually assaulted in
2008. This changed my life forever. After a tumultuous time in my life
I eventually sought counseling and was diagnosed with PTSD. I've been a
strong advocate for sexual awareness ever since.

          When Senator Scott Brown came out with his allegations of
being abused as a child, my counselor and I thought he was the perfect
person to support my cause. I spoke out  as he advised victims should

           Senator Brown's reluctance in naming his predator is his own
choice, no matter what public opinion may be.

         However Senator Brown,  when asked about naming your predator
andhelping authorities you stated " I have more important things to do
"..".he's probably in his 70's today"( Boston Magazine, April,
2011)...Since when did sexual predators have an age agenda? What could
be more important than helping and healing other victims? You made us,
the citizens of Massachusetts, believe  in your own words that " You
fought back."

        Eileen McNamara of Boston Magazine, April, 2011 writes "
Scott Brown is not Roseanne Barr or Tyler Perry. If he is going to
exploit a painful past in the run-up to his re-election campaign
shouldn't we expect more than the " shocking details " he delivers in
his quickie Book of Revelation? We did not spend the past 20 years
dragging sexual abuse and domestic violence out of the shadows only to
be told that victims just need to suck it up. "

        Howie Carr of WRKO radio station in Boston, Ma.,has also
called you out on this matter. The audio link for the Carr/ Brown
interview is http://audio.wrko.com/a/39260794/senator-scott-brown.htm .

         In essence Senator Brown you, and those who support your
decision in not naming your predator,are condoning and supporting the
crimes of your predator who may still be at large.

      How are you going to react if this person or any other
person assaults someone you know?

     Would you name the predator if you knew who it was? Or keep silent?

       How will you explain to them that you could have done something
to get this assailant of the streets and didn't?

       That being said, Senator Brown how can you call out Elizabeth
Warren regarding her heritage. Have the media and public so quickly
forgotten your inactions and not being forthright in naming your

           The question is, what's more important: Elizabeth Warren's
lineage or you telling victims to " fight back " when the only thing
you did was come out about your past and nothing more.

          Senator Brown, since my attack I've fought back in my healing
process by first seeking out counseling. I've given talks in my local
area regarding sexual awareness.

              Through my support group hopefully I've been able to help
other survivors in their healing process.

           These and other actions taken are all positive steps in my
healing process and fighting back.

          Senator Brown you got the ball rolling yet you really stopped
short of " fighting back "  by not naming your perpetrator to the
authorities. This could have been done discreetly so the proper
authorities could have taken this person off the streets and therefore
possibly saving other victims.

         Is this how you " fought back?"

        Senator Brown, you question  Ms. Warren's integrity and
character and demand paper work about her past.  Influential people
asked you the same thing a year ago and you wouldn't answer their
questions.  Isn't this a double standard?

        Senator Brown,  being a public figure, you have to be held to a
higher standard both morally and ethically. Follow your own philosophy
and fight back. Get this person off the streets of Massachusetts and
preserve the public's safety.

          Attorney Mitch Garabedian supposedly has  approximately a
dozen clients also claiming to be victims of the same perpetrator and
yet he nor his clients have not named him. Why not? In other cases
people have named their attacker.( see below)

          As an officer of the court don't you have a civic and moral
obligation to name this predator? That is if you and your clients
actually know who he is !

         Or are you and your clients hoping for that proverbial
"payday in the sky" sometime in the future?

       The victims of Jerry Sandusky and more closer to home the
young teenage girls at Taunton High School who were assaulted by their
teacher , have all come forward in naming their predator. What's so
special about your assailant? Why should he get a free pass for his
crimes against humanity?

       Are we therefore condoning the perpetrators actions and the
possibility he is still at large committing this crime?

      Should we let these predators go unpunished?

      If we do then our society has taken a huge step backwards !

      If we the victims don't "fight back" then the predators win again

          The same applies to Ms. Warren. If you have some
corroborating material to support your heritage claim,
then please come forward with it.

         Ms. Warren says " We must get our priorities straight" and that she'll " Stand up for us". 

         Ms. Warren follow your own philosoiphy.

         I was able to get in touch with a number of aides on both sides. They all sounded sincere and sympathetic towards victims of sexual assaults. I was assured someone would get back to me.               

        But in the end they never returned my calls or e-mails.

        These were broken promises that should have been kept.

        Is this an insight as to how our needs will be dealt with by
both parties in the future?

       Both parties are culpable of their own misguidance. When will
the hypocrisy and political rhetoric stop?

             Citizens and victims of Massachusetts, stand up and "fight
back" . If you don't then we'll all get broken promises or  the next
sexual assault victim could be someone close to you which possibly
could have been avoided.. Thank you.

                        A survivor victim "  Fighting back''

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