A Dramatic Arrest in Thursday's Cambridge Trust Company Robbery

Police ordered the suspect robber to stop at gunpoint on Beaver Street. The driver of the getaway car, however, remains at large.

An officer responding to Thursday's robbery at the Cambridge Trust Company happened to make the right turn at the right time, coming upon the suspect and ordering him at gunpoint to freeze. But they weren't as fortunate with the driver of the getaway car. 

The bank was robbed at 10:20 a.m. Thursday, when a man wearing a clear mask with a black line near the mouth came in with a black gun and ordered a teller to give him money. The teller complied, then the robber said he wanted the teller to open the vault doors, which the teller did. The robbery took about 10 minutes and the thief fled on foot with $52,100. 

One of the officers responding to the scene was driving down Beacon Street, then took her first available right, onto Beaver Street. She took another right onto Beaver Place and noticed a man in the driveway of 4 Beaver Place see her, crouch down and retreat deeper into the driveway, police reports state.

The officer stopped her cruiser at the edge of the driveway and looked down it, without seeing anyone. Then she noticed another man going in and out of a white Chevy Malibu with Florida plates that was parked between 11 and 7 Beaver Place. She asked the man if he knew the name of the street, and he calmly "utter(ed) an unknown response."  

Just then, however, she saw the man who had been in the driveway was hurriedly making his way toward Beaver Street. Since he closely matched the description of the robbery suspect, she got out of her cruiser, pointed her gun at the suspect (with her finger off the trigger) and ordered him to stop. The man put his hands in the air but continued to walk briskly toward Beaver Street. 

But before he could make his escape, two more officers arrived in a cruiser, cutting off his path, and police arrested him.

In the trash and recycling bins along the driveway of 4 Beaver Place police found the clothing witnesses described the suspect as wearing and the money. 

But when they were interviewing eyewitnesses, one asked if they got "the other guy." When police asked what he meant, the witness said that two men had arrived in the white Malibu. Police then put out an alert for the man the officer had spoken to earlier, and returned to the Malibu. In it they discovered a black pellet gun. Later, police looked a surveilllance video which showed the car park on Beaver Place at 10:15 a.m. and the robbery suspect getting out of the passenger's side of it.

The driver appears to still be at large. 


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