Crime Down on Beacon Hill But Larcenies Continue

Despite the Hill's relatively low crime rate, car and residential break-ins remain common.

Crime on Beacon Hill has remained the same or gone down in nearly every category In January compared with numbers this time last year.

According to Boston Police statistics, there were six fewer breakings and enterings from Dec. 24, 2012, to Jan. 24, 2013, compared with the same time period a year before (1 and 7, respectively).

Comparing the same periods, auto thefts dropped from 1 to none, larcenies (minus car breaks) from 5 to 1, and larcenies from vehicles from 14 to 13. The only category that logged higher numbers in 2013 was aggravated assaults (zero to 3). Homicides, sexual assaults, robberies and community disorders all stayed at zero.

Still, the vast majority of crime on Beacon Hill remains larceny, both from residences and cars. 

But when looking at the downtown district as a whole, there were two rapes or attempteed rapes reported in January 2013, compared with zero in January 2012. Overall, however, crime was down 16 percent in January 2013 compared with the previous year, most notably in burglaries. 


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