GPS Tracking, Curfew While BU Armed Robbery Suspect Awaits Trial

One of three suspects in armed robberies around Boston University campus released yesterday pending trial, BU Today reports.

Back on the streets, but not yet out of the police department's gaze--one of the suspects in the BU armed robbery spree which started late last month is under GPS surveillance.

17-year-old Taquari Milton of Lawrence is being GPS monitored, and has been told to stay away from the Boston University campus. He also has a strict curfew from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m., and must report to a probation officer, according to a report from BU Today.

See the full BU Today story on their site.

Along with Milton, two juvenile suspects are charged with the robberies, one of whom turned himself in before police brought the other two into custody. The court is not releasing information about the two younger suspects or their cases. 

Following the fourth armed robbery incident, , and the University was offering $10,000 for information leading to the arrest. Brookline police also released photos and a video of the suspects as they walked through Dexter Park.

The Charles river campus community was hit with four such crime between Sept. 23 and Oct. 10. In the first incident, two teenaged males robbed .  

In the second incident, two days later, three black male  with stolen property toward Pleasant Street and Commonwealth Avenue. The suspects were seen putting their sweatshirts into a backpack. 

, when a recent college graduate was unharmed, after being shown a gun by three teenaged black males who then fled the scene toward Commonwealth Avenue with his cell phone and cash.

Following the fourth incident, BU Police tweeted that the female student was unharmed, and that the suspects were two black males wearing sweatshirts. It was reported as .

Suspects named above are innocent until proven guilty.


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