Officials Warn of Fundraising Scams for Fallen Boston Firefighters

Fraudulent fundraisers have been making the rounds on social media, according to officials.

Credit: Last Alarm
Credit: Last Alarm

The Boston Fire Department this weekend alerted citizens throughout the city and the the Commonwealth of potentially fraudulent online fundraisers proposing to be in honor of the two firefighters who died during a massive fire in Back Bay last week. 

Boston Fire Lt. Ed Walsh and Firefighter Michael Kennedy died Wednesday battling the fire that broke out about 2:45 p.m. and quickly spread to 9-alarms. Both were trapped in the basement of the burning building. Funeral services have been announced for the two firefighters for the coming week.

A proposed fundraiser has reportedly been making the rounds on Facebook under the moniker "Remembering Boston Firefighters Edward J. Walsh, Jr. and Michael R. Kennedy," and has been offering tee shirts to allegedly raise money. 

The effort, though, is a scam, according to the Boston Fire Department and Last Alarm, a group that celebrates the fire service and remembers those who have died in action. Both departments warned supporters to be careful when looking to donate to this or similar efforts that could be scams.

"It is unfortunate that people would use this tragedy for profit," the Boston Fire Department said in a statement. "Please do not support any unofficial fundraising efforts."

Those looking to help out, however, can make donations with a credit card by visiting the official Lieutenant Walsh - Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund’s page on the Boston Firefighters Credit Union’s website or by making donations by mail by sending a check to:

Lieutenant Walsh - Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund
Boston Firefighters Credit Union
60 Hallet St.
Dorchester, MA 02124


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