Fight Over Medical Marijuana Question Lights Up

A spoof website ignites discussion on both side of the issue.

A group fighting to keep marijuana illegal says that a recent spoof of their website was anything but funny, and took a potshot at its creator. 

"This is no joke. This whole situation is demonstrative of the problem at hand: who is really behind this initiative to legalize pot as medicine," a writer on mavotenoonquestion3.com shot back after freelance web designer Scott Gacek revealed that he bought the website the group had listed with the Secretary of State William Galvin's office, VoteNoOnQuestion3.org.

Galvin's office sent out its guide for voters last week, including information on the three ballot questions, with the second website address listed. But since the anti-pot group never registered the URL, Gacek was able to buy it and set up a satirical site claiming that marijuana is a gateway drug to Twinkie addiction and drug dealers want to keep it illegal. 

"Pretty funny, eh? Actually, it isn’t," mavotenoonquestion3.com, Dr. Jay Broadhurst's site, shot back Saturday. In fact, he writes, Gacek isn't interested in marijuana as medicine at all: "He is a photographer who has a hobby of posting pictures of young girls smoking pot on the web: 420.Girls4Ganja.com. Mr. Gacek and people like him provide foreshadows of the issues that Massachusetts will face if Question 3 passes on November 6th."

But Gacek says he was just having a laugh. “I wanted to poke some fun at some of the reasons why people will say that medical marijuana is bad,” he told the Boston Globe.


Brown Opposes Medical Marijuana

Meanwhile, Broadhurst has stepped up his battle against legalizing marijuana. And on Friday, Sen. Scott Brown said he agrees with this position. At the same time, supporters including doctors, are responding by being more vocal about what they see as marijuana's benefits. Elizabeth Warren, Brown's Democratic opponent, does not appear to have taken a position one way or the other on Question 3.

FlyingTooLow September 18, 2012 at 05:58 PM
The prohibition of marijuana is a farce. It is the few telling the many what they may and may not do. We are a free people. It is time to start living the way our forefathers intended. Law enforcement needs to re-direct its focus on crime...to those that are REAL crimes. I was in Federal Prison for 5 years for a marijuana offense. No, it was not for simple possession. I was arrested aboard a Lockheed PV2 in Marianna, Florida...charged and convicted for conspiracy to import and distribute 12,000 pounds of marijuana. At the time, I really had no idea what I had gotten myself into...mine was an offense involving pot...the thought never occurred to me that I may actually spend years in prison for that 'indiscretion.' As my years in prison rolled by, what I did see were armed bank robbers, coming and going...while I still sat there for marijuana. Most of the bank robbers only spent 17 to 24 months. But, I and my fellow 'drug offenders,'...we stayed for YEARS. I wrote a book about the escapades that led to my incarceration. I admit, I had a great time. No one was injured, no one was killed, firearms were not involved...there were no victims. We were Americans...doing what Americans do best...living free. Truly, it is time for this lunacy to end...it never should have begun. My book is: Shoulda Robbed a Bank I think you may enjoy it..it is about living free.
FlyingTooLow September 18, 2012 at 05:58 PM
All card-carrying members of the DEA need to read: Shoulda Robbed a Bank Here is one of its reviews: 5.0 out of 5 stars... If David Sedaris had written 'Catcher in the Rye'..this would be it, June 30, 2012 Amazon Verified Purchase This review is from: Shoulda Robbed a Bank (Kindle Edition) I have never smoked pot in my life...nor do I ever care to. I read about this book in numerous Huffington Post comments. Thought I would read it because I know nothing about marijuana or the people involved with it. I am ecstatic that I did. Funny, Funny, Funny!!! The chapters are like short stories. Stories about unloading boats with helicopters, close encounters with law enforcement, traveling through the jungles of South America. The chapter about the author's first time smoking marijuana made me feel like I was with him...coughing. All of the characters were just a group of loveable, nice guys and girls. Not what I had been raised to believe...hysterical maniacs high on pot bent on death and mayhem. They were nothing like that. If you have ever read any of David Sedaris' books, and like them...you will love Shoulda Robbed a Bank. And the crazy things happening reminded me of Holden Caufield in 'Catcher in the Rye' and the way he staggered through life. The way the words are put together are like nothing I have ever heard. I am sure I will use many of the sayings found in this book just to dazzle my friends. A terrific read. I love this book.


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