Menino Staying in Hospital for Thanksgiving; Not Sure When He's Getting Out

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has been in the Brigham & Women's Hospital since October 26 with different ailments.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino will remain in the hospital for Thanksgiving, with no set date in sight for when the 69-year-old mayor will leave.

Dot Joyce, the City's Media Communications Director, told the Boston Herald there is "no word" on when Menino will be discharged from Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Menino was first admitted to the hospital on Oct. 26 due to a viral infection, which he fought off, but a blood clot was found in his leg while staying at the hospital. 

Doctors are now keeping Menino in the hospital due to a back fracture that was discovered while he was in the hospital. Doctors were unsure whether Menino suffered the break while in the hospital, or if his stay aggravated the fracture.


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