Menino Vetoes Boston City Council's Redistricting Map

Council voted, 7-6, in favor of the submitted redistricting map on August 23.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino vetoed the redistricting map submitted by the Boston City Council, saying the map "concentrates our many citizens of color into too few districts, and in doing so may limit their equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice."

In his letter to the Boston City Council, which was received by City Council President Stephen Murphy today, Menino outlined his suggestions for improving the map. (The letter is attached to this article.)

The . Menino has to approve it to become law, but several city councilors voted against the map due to the same concerns Menino has now voiced.

The rejected plan called for the South End to still be represented by Districts 2 and 7, but Ward 4 Precinct 4 and Ward 9 Precinct 1 would have switched to Ward 7. 

Redistricting is required every 10 years based upon the US Census.


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