New T GM Talks Transit on ‘Greater Boston’

Beverly Scott was a guest on the WGBH show Wednesday night.

The new MBTA general manager addressed issues of unpredictable subways, lack of late night service and fare hikes on a popular local talk show Wednesday night. 

MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott was the guest on WGBH news talk show Greater Boston, where she said despite the complaints, T ridership is doing quite well.

“The first thing I’ll say is our ridership is up,” she said. “I think that is a real testament to how critical…public transportation is.”

“Greater Boston” host Emily Rooney asked Scott about the massive debt the MBTA needs to overcome. The debt is estimated at $9 billion.

“You don’t eat an elephant all at one time,” Scott said. “One of the rules of digging is when you find yourself in a hole you’ve got to stop digging the hole.”

Scott, who assumed the role as MBTA general manager Dec. 12, said the solution lies in sorting through the fiscal wreckage and deciding how best to reinvest in the MBTA’s infrastructure.

Scott offered quick examples – referring to them as a “diversified menu” – on how an organization like the MBTA might do this through sales taxes, gas taxes, user fees, public/private partnerships, real estate reinvestment or changes to service.

“We’re at a critical juncture. We can either make the decision at this point in time…to move forward in terms of making those competitive strategic investments…or we can continue to talk about it and continue to slide back,” she said.


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