New York City-Style 'Don't Block the Box' Campaign Comes to Boston

It's a $150 fine to clog up an intersection by moving into it when you can't get all the way across. The city has targeted 18 intersections for special enforcement.

Anyone who has been to New York City will have seen the "Don't Block the Box" signs. Now Boston has picked up the campaign.

It was already illegal under state law to drive into an intersection when you can't get all the way across. But starting Thursday, Boston will be handing out tickets to motorists who clog intersections — even if they edged in while the light was green.

The city is targeting 18 intersections so far with signage and pavement markings. Most of them are in the Longwood Medical Area. They are listed below and shown on the map accompanying this post:

  1. Brookline Avenue and Francis Street
  2. Brookline Avenue and Deaconess Road/Jimmy Fund Way
  3. Brookline Avenue and Longwood Avenue
  4. Longwood Avenue and Binney Street
  5. Longwood Avenue and Blackfan Street
  6. Evans Way and Fenway/Louis Prang Street
  7. Huntington Avenue and Longwood Avenue
  8. Huntington Avenue and St. Albans Road/Mission Street
  9. Huntington Avenue and Fenwood Road
  10. Brigham Circle
  11. Huntington Avenue and Ruggles Street/Louis Prang Street
  12. Atlantic Avenue and Congress Street
  13. Atlantic Avenue and Seaport Boulevard
  14. Congress Street and Purchase Street
  15. Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street
  16. Massachusetts Avenue and St. Botolph Street
  17. Boardman Street and Leyden Street
  18. Meridian Street and Monmouth Street

The city said it will add more intersections as needed.

Which Beacon Hill intersections do you nominate for "Don't Block the Box" markings? Tell us in the comment section below.

Here is some of the text of the state law against blocking the box:

The driver of a motor vehicle shall not cross or enter an intersection, which it is unable to proceed through, without stopping and thereby blocking vehicles from travelling in a free direction.  A green light is no defense to blocking the intersection. The driver must wait another cycle of the signal light, if necessary.

The crackdown is being done in partnership with MASCO, a non-profit that works for the interests of the Longwood Medical Area.


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