Poll: Should BYOB Hosts Be Held Liable for Underage Drinking?

State Justices ruled this week that party hosts would not be held liable if underage guests drink and drive and cause injury or death as a result.

Residents throughout the Commonwealth who choose to host "Bring Your Own Booze" parties are now free from liability if underage drinking occurs at those events and guests who drive drunk cause injuries, death or damage, according to a Boston Herald report Tuesday

The ruling derives from a majority opinion of Massachusetts Justices Fernande Duffly, Robert Cordy, Barbara Lenk, and Francis Spina, who claimed that social hosts can't be expected to "police their guests' drinking" and the ruling states that only hosts who supply alcohol to guests can be held legally responsible, according to the Boston Herald. 

So Beacon Hill, we want to know ...

Today's question: Do you agree or disagree with this decision? Weigh in with your thoughts in today's poll and comments below.


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