MASCOT THROWDOWN: Can Charlie Join Wally and Pat the Patriot as Symbols of Boston?

This week the MBTA debuted its own mascot. Have you seen it? Will "Charlie" join the pantheon of Wally the Green Monster and Pat the Patriot?

It's fair to say the MBTA doesn't have a cute and cuddly image. But the transit agency tried softening its public persona this week with the debut of Charlie — a plush mascot.

He's modeled, of course, on the famed character from the song "Charlie on the MTA," who couldn't afford a fare hike and was doomed to ride the rails forever.

This week he came to life as a $5,000 fedora-wearing suited commuter. The cost of the suit was underwritten by Mass Bay Credit Union, according to the Globe.

Charlie will be seen at events around Boston. Can he become as much a symbol of Boston as Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster or the Patriots' Pat the Patriot?

carlos ashmanskas August 25, 2012 at 11:07 PM
I think that's great. I am happy for Charlie. He now has been mentioned in the same breath with Wally the Green Monster, and Pat the Patriot. I am unclear how riders need a mascot, but after the MBTA handed me a charlie card i became even more suspicious, but it is just a strong coincadence that if you look on the card at your left is James "Whitey Bulger" himself. Any connection to curruption? It's clear someone messed up and now they are throwing down on this gimmick. Timing? Charlie card and charlie ticket two different prices. Same destination. Yeah someone needs to step up and represent tbe MBTA. Oh they have the GM. Each team in the NFL has a a GM. The MBTA only has one. Each team has a mascot. Does anyone even want to play for them? Charlie may seem like the logical person to do it, but is he the only choice or anyone's choice at all. Let the MBTA know that you are concerned for the ridership of the T and the surrounding communities, and you will not support any election to appoint or elect who the people recognize as to be an icon. It is really rude and should be considered treason. Charlie lives on.
Ali August 26, 2012 at 06:28 PM
He looks more like Dick Tracy!


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